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The More I See of Men the More I Love My Dog

Author: Olivia Edward

Price: £4.99

Dimensions: 110 x 110 mm

Number of pages: 96

ISBN: 1840242663

Publication Date: 2nd October 2002

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Dogs are better than men. It's obvious! They are cheaper and easier to please. They are always over the moon to see you, loyal to the last and don't care when you put on weight. And when was the last time someone engaged you in conversation by pointing at your partner and saying, 'Ahhh, that's a fine looking beast you've got there. Can I stroke him?'



Dog Training Weekly

A pretty pink miniature book, beautifully bound and full of ammusing comparisons between these two must-haves in our lives!

West Sussex Gazette

A glorious celebration of puppy love... The perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in with your pooch.

Andover Advertiser

"'a fun, small, hardback book full of quirky comparisons and astutely observed points' ... 'for a continuous giggle or for some much- needed reassurance, you can't go wrong'.

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