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What's Really in Your Basket

An Easy to Use Guide to Food Additives & Cosmetic Ingredients

Author: Bill Statham

Price: £5.99

Dimensions: 110 x 150 mm

Number of pages: 256

ISBN: 9781840246070

Publication Date: 2nd July 2007

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Do you REALLY know what is in the products that you are buying?

Did you know, for example, that colouring in children’s sweets, jelly and soft drinks can potentially cause asthma, skin rash and hyperactivity?

That common ingredients in personal care products like shampoo and toothpaste have been associated with problems ranging from skin irritation, to breathing difficulties, nausea, increased risk of cancer and blindness?

How can you avoid putting harmful additives and chemicals into and onto your body?

This user-friendly guide tells you at a glance which additives are hazardous, which are best avoided and which are safe, making it easier to shop for your family. The colour-coded tables provide valuable information about potential health effects and take the mystery out of additives, helping you to choose which products to put in your basket and which to leave on the shelf.

This book may seriously improve your health!



Families Magazine, October 2008

‘useful reference book… Helpful colour coding… a comprehensive guide.’

Yoga & Health Magazine, November 2007

‘A book you can slip in your pocket on your way out to the shops’

St Christopher's Inn youth hostel website

If you like discovering little nuggets of information about everyday facts of life and if you like freaking your friends out with these, then you're going to love this. What's..., March 2008

This comprehensive guide will help safeguard you and your family’s health by providing the right information right when you need it most., March 2008

This compact book is the vital shopping guide that parents…will want in their pocket.

Solihull Times, 19th December 2008

'lifts the lid on what your kids might be eating and takes the form of a pocket-sized guide that you can easily consult on your way round the supermarket'

Organic and Natural Business, October 2007

“With opportune timing, Summersdale… brings out… an easy-to-use shopping guide to food additives and cosmetic ingredients by health education researcher and writer Bill Statham.”

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