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50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Eczema

Author: Wendy Green

Price: £5.99

Dimensions: 129 x 198mm

Number of pages: 128

ISBN: 9781840247213

Publication Date: 2nd February 2009

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Eczema is an uncomfortable and often distressing skin condition which affects one in five children and one in twelve adults in the UK. Are you one of them?

Wendy Green explains the psychological, dietary and hormonal factors that can cause eczema, and offers practical advice and a holistic approach to help you deal with the symptoms, including simple lifestyle and dietary changes and DIY natural therapies.

• Manage stress to prevent flare-ups

• Learn how to adapt your home environment

• Choose beneficial foods and supplements

• Find helpful organisations and products

Care for your skin and manage eczema with this easy-to-follow guide.



Featured in:-

The Mail on Sunday, 25th July 2010

The Daily Mail, July 14th 2009

'Endorsed by a dermatology expert, this book suggests diet and lifestyle changes, DIY and complimentary therapies and discussed the latest research.'

Yoga & Health, July 2010

‘Good value.’


'inexpensive health-related books that tell you all you need to know in a simple, easily-digested format.'

The Scottish Sunday Post, February 22th 2009

'a new range of personal health guides to help us understand our illnesses and treat them.'

The Jewish Vegetarian, June 2010

‘provide jargon-free, no-nonsense, practical tips including simple lifestyle and dietary changes (as well as natural remedies) to help alleviate distressing symptoms and help sufferers to get the most from life...

Yoga & Health, April 2009

'Four excellent little books which offer jargon free, practical guidance with forewords by experts in the field.'

Families Magazine: South East London Edition, March 2009

'four useful health guides... I discovered that a muslin bag full of oats in a bath alleviates the hellishness of eczema... Elsewhere there may just be something you haven’t tried...

The Ross-Shire Journal Series, 28th October 2009

'Green works through a host of techniques – ranging from identifying food allergies to the use [of] stress management and household cleanliness – in a bid to help the reader...

Talkeczema website, 27th January 2009

'This is a really great little book. Taking into consideration the fact that it only has 140 pages, it is jam packed with tips, advice, useful websites and generally anything..., 30th June 2009

'an amazing little book... it is an invaluable aid for anybody who suffers from eczema or is the carer of an eczema sufferer.', April 29th 2009

'Here is a wealth of ways to help prevent and treat flare-ups and we particularly like the alternative remedies.'

International Therapist, January 2011

‘expert, practical and inexpensive advice on a range of health problems... concise, easy-to-follow and accessible.’

Paul Watson's column in The Hartlepool Mail, 10th April 2012

‘a series of 50 things you can do today to manage... And there are 10 topics to date. They are fascinating books and I reckon there should be enough in...

Psychologies, July 2012

‘Talking sense… No-nonsense health books… Stuffed with real-world solutions for anxiety, IBS, migraines and more, with a new title about fibromyalgia out this month.’

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