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Downhill all the Way

From La Manche to the Mediterranean by Bike

Author: Edward Enfield

Price: £8.99

Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm

Number of pages: 224

ISBN: 9781840245608

Publication Date: 5th March 2006

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‘It had been so amazingly hot that I felt myself about to dissolve into a kind of crème brûlée on the road, so I bought some super-power Number 8 suncream. This had the word Bronzante on it, and must have contained some dye or other chemical because my knees stayed brown until February.’

Fed up with questions about what he was going to do when he retired, Edward decided to get on his bicycle and ride from Le Havre to the Mediterranean. He struggled in Normandy to get directions from old men tipsy on Calvados by 9 a.m., passed by prairies of corn and acres of sunflowers, and hit his stride on the towpath of the Burgundy canal. He explored the mystery of what an ouvrier eats for lunch, and was barred from a swimming pool because his trunks were too decent. Through the Rhône and down to Provence and the Camargue, Enfield is witty and informative as always.



The Good Book Guide, February 2009

'While other pensioners were reaching for their bus passes, Edward Enfield decided to do something different – so he got on his bike and rode through the length of France......

Destination France, Autumn 2007

“A charming and witty work!”

Provence Life magazine, August 2007

Edward’s skills as a narrator combined with his gentle humour and sharp observer’s eye result in yet another delightful travel book.

London Cyclist magazine, August /September 2007

Retiree Enfield recounts his north-south crossing of France in a humorous, heart-warming fashion. The charming anecdotes and his invaluable continental touring trips combine to make this ideal summer reading. Not... - online magazine for the over 60's

Downhill All The Way is a witty and extremely entertaining book written by Edward Enfield, father of the famous comedian - Harry Enfield.The book is a delight from start to...

About my, July 2007

Would make an excellent read when sitting around the pool this summer.

Sue Baker - Publishing News

A welcome reissue from Summersdale; the adventures of the determined ‘silver traveller’, Edward Enfield, and his journey through France from the cold of the Channel to the warmth...

Park & Holiday Homes Magazine, July 2007

Edward Enfield could almost be one of the characters in his son’s TV series, a plucky pensioner who’s determined to enjoy his retirement but is constantly bemused by the ways...

Kirriemuir Herald and the Forfar Dispatch, 8th May 2008

‘Part travel guide of the best bits of France, part Edwards’s opinion on all things foreign, and part hilarious account of his journey, this book is sure to delight a...

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