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To Hull and Back

On Holiday in Unsung Britain

Author: Tom Chesshyre

Price: £8.99

Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm

Number of pages: 320

ISBN: 9781849530606

Publication Date: 5th July 2010

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… one of the best ways to get to know a country is to take yourself to the less touristy, less obvious destinations. And let’s face it: things don’t get much less touristy than Slough…


As staff travel writer on The Times since 1997, Tom Chesshyre had visited over 80 countries on assignment, and wondered: what is left to be discovered?

He realised that the answer might be very close to home. In a mad adventure that took him from Hull to Hell (actually a rather nice holiday location in the Isles of Scilly), Tom visited secret spots of Unsung Britain in search of the least likely holiday destinations. He got to know the real Coronation Street in Salford, explored Blade Runner Britain in Port Talbot, discovered that everything’s quite green in Milton Keynes, met real-life superheroes and many a suspicious landlady, and watched a football match with celebrity chef Delia Smith in Norwich.

With a light and edgy writing style Tom peels back the skin of the unfashionable underbelly of Britain, and embraces it all with the spirit of discovery.



The Times, Books Section, 4th September 2010

‘You warm to Chesshyre, whose cultural references intelligently inform his postcards from locations less travelled. His chatty, not-quite-serendipitous encounters with locals from Hull to Hell (Isles of Scilly) work well...

Mail on Sunday, Travel Book of the Week, 21st November 2010

‘Writer Tom Chesshyre celebrates the UK – but not the traditional tourist hotspots... discovering pleasure in the unregarded wonders of the ‘unfashionable underbelly’ of Britain. The moral, of course, is...

The Times, 3rd July 2010

‘Tom Chesshyre... has tapped into the trend for the staycation, holding that you can have just as much adventure at home as abroad if you know where to look. And...

The Scottish Sunday Post, 11th July 2010

Featured in The Scottish Sunday Post, 11th July 2010.

MK Pulse, June 2010

‘Not going abroad this year? Wondering where you can go in the UK? Try Tom Chessyre’s To Hull and Back, surprising delights in the most unlikely places.’


The Croydon Guardian, 30th June 2010

‘Croydon is an ideal destination for holidaying for its friendly atmosphere, a new book recommends – just avoid the hoodies and make sure you wear a stab vest.’


MK (Milton Keynes) News, 30th June 2010

‘Tom Chesshyre includes a chapter on Milton Keynes in his light-hearted ‘To Hull and Back: On Holiday in Unsung Britain,’ in which he visits unlikely tourist destinations including Slough, Salford...

The Yorkshire Post, 6th July 2010

‘If you were planning a weekend break in the UK where would you think about going?... places like Slough and Croydon aren’t likely to be top of your list, unless,...

St Christopher’s Beds & Bars Live-Your-Life e-zine, August 2010

‘Tom’s literary offering not only opens up the highlights of Hull but also the undiscovered delights of places such as Milton Keynes, South Shields and Croydon. This holiday at home...

The South Wales Evening Post, 14th July 2010

‘after years of travelling in the lap of luxury to some of the more glamorous hang-outs around the globe as a travel writer, Tom has turned his attention to our...

North East Life, August 2010

‘[South Shields] is just one of the oft-forgotten ‘secret spots of Unsung Britain’ he picks for his off-the-beaten-track search for the UK’s least touristy destinations. Along the way, he not...

Salford Star, 22nd December 2010.

 ‘Fun, controversial travel book ... Definitely entertaining.’

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