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Two Wheels Over Catalonia

Cycling the Back Roads of North-Eastern Spain

Author: Richard Guise

Price: £8.99

Dimensions: 129 x 198mm

Number of pages: 320

ISBN: 9781849531443

Publication Date: 9th May 2011

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The 6-kilometre ride from the cape to Cadaqués is a classic for enthusiasts of the wild and windy. The thin, grey thread of tarmac seems a feeble and marginal intrusion into this savage landscape of rock, cliff and scrub.


Sixteen years after first moving to Catalonia, Richard Guise finally finds time to slow down and explore the back roads by bicycle. With over 400 kilometres of sparkling Mediterranean shoreline and an interior dominated by the Pyrenees, it’s a spectacular journey from wind-blown headlands to the glitzy costas, and from bustling Barcelona to remote hillsides where only grazing goats and chirruping cicadas disturb the tranquillity. 

Dipping into the unique history of this fiercely independent nation-within- a-nation, he uncovers many of its cultural peculiarities, such as why the sardana dance is not as easy as it looks and what to do in a bugaderia. Stumbling upon nudist beaches, ancient Iberian sites and revolutionary road-sweepers, this slow cyclist revels in authentic Catalonia.


‘This is just the book to whet the appetite of the fairly adventurous but not too strenuous cyclist’

Edward Enfield


‘… packed with an eclectic array of information: historical, gastronomic, linguistic... a beautifully eccentric evocation of a fascinating European culture’

John Barlow



St Christopher’s Beds and Bars Live Your Life e-zine, June 2011

‘Like all good travel books based on an itinerary, every stop delves into the local history and in this Spanish setting, the fierce independence of the area. There’s a good...

First Edition/The Bookseller, 5th May 2011

‘The author of From the Mull to the Cape explores the back roads of Catalonia by bike, uncovering its history and cultural peculiarities in the process.’

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Featured in Thomas Cook Travel Magazine, May/June/July 2011 issue.

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