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Are We Nearly There Yet?

A Family's 8,000-Mile Car Journey Around Britain

Author: Ben Hatch

Price: £9.99

Dimensions: 129x198

Number of pages: 320

ISBN: 9781849531559

Publication Date: 1st August 2011

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If you think writing a guidebook is easy, think again…

‘Hurry up,’ I shout at Dinah, whilst on the overhead telly Ray Mears’ Survival is playing extraordinarily loudly because Charlie sat on the volume button of the remote. The kids writhe about in the V05 shampoo they just spilt, laughing as the last of their clean clothes bite the dust, and I’m thinking: ‘Survive driving round England with two under 4s, staying at a different hotel each night and visiting four or five attractions a day and sometimes a restaurant in the evening. Sleep all in the same room, go to bed at 7 p.m. after having had no evening to yourself, wake up at 7 a.m. and do it all again the next day with the prospect of another 140 nights of the same – then come and tell me about survival in your khaki ****ing shorts, Ray.’


They were bored, broke, burned out and turning 40. So when Ben and his wife Dinah were approached to write a guidebook about family travel, they embraced the open road, ignoring friends’ warnings: 'One of you will come back chopped up in a bin bag in the roof box.'

Featuring deadly puff adders, Billie Piper’s pyjamas and a friend of Hitler’s, it’s a story about love, death, falling out, moving on and growing up, and 8,000 misguided miles in a Vauxhall Astra.


‘Ben Hatch makes me laugh.’

John Cleese

‘A voyage of pain, suffering, argument, baby wipes, discovery and utter delight… Never travel in a car without children without this book by your side…’

Sir Terry Wogan

‘A funny, touching cross-country jaunt that’s as much about being a kid as it is about being a grown-up. (And thank God someone else did it so you don’t have to…)’

Danny Wallace

‘A wonderful book - hilarious, cringeworthy and moving, all at the same time. Highly recommended for anyone with a family, a car or a sense of humour.’

Sophie Kinsella



The Bookseller, 8th July 2011

‘a comic account of the chaos of researching a UK Frommer’s guide with a young family in tow.’

The Times, 27th August 2011

‘Hatch humorously recounts the epic tale of his 8,000-mile odyssey round Britain in a Vauxhall Astra with his wife and children.’

The Leicester Mercury, 19th August 2011

‘often laugh-out-loud funny. It also touchingly drives the reader through a whole range of emotions and much vicarious enjoyment of the many family situations... From the start, it’s a very...

ABTA Magazine, September 2011

‘Embracing the words that define many a family car journey, Ben Hatch tells the story of a young family, focusing on the joyous absurdity of the family holiday.’

St Christopher's Live Your Life e-zine, Sept 2011 issue

‘Travel 8000 miles with Ben as he packs up his life and sets off on a road trip that'll shock the most hardened among you... It’s the kind of adventure...

The Daily Mirror, 9th September 2011

‘It you’re dreading a weekend car trip with small children, this book can’t fail to cheer you up. Are We Nearly There Yet? is Ben Hatch’s account of driving 8,000...

National Geographic Traveller magazine (UK Edition), November 2011

‘Embracing those words that define many a family car journey, this book from author Ben Hatch tell tales of road-tripping around Britain with his two small children.’

Best of British magazine, November 2011

‘The sign of a really good book is when I don’t want it to end and I start to read more slowly to eke it out to the last page....

Herald Scotland on-line, Christmas Books Round-Up: 27th November 2011

‘Ben Hatch’s hugely entertaining Are We Nearly There Yet? is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who has ever travelled with small children. Hatch captures the pleasures and pitfalls of...

Marie Claire, December 2011

‘Emotional reconciliations and family dramas are part of the journey in this amusing voyage of self-discovery... Poignant and moving, he struggles with grief and goodbyes as well as celebrating a...

Frustratedyukkymummy blog, 6th October 2011

‘I laughed out loud... I read this book, devoured it, and am now reading it again. This book has it all, it’s the kind of book that stays with you...

Tim Booke-Taylor, 24th Sept 2011 in a message to The Saucy Gibbon Forum

‘a cracking book... I think it’s a funny, sad, outspoken book which has hints of the Brit sitcom Outnumbered.’

Jenny Colgan, Novelist, (on her website) 19th August 2011

‘I can’t recommend it highly enough... this one is about a living, loving, occasionally quarrelsome but clearly very happy marriage and it felt curiously life-affirming to read about it. It’s...

The Daily Mail, 28th October 2011

‘As arduous journeys go, it’s nearly up there with Scott’s trek to the South Pole or the conquest of Everest... Ben Hatch is an extremely gifted comic writer; but what...

The Good Book Guide, October 2011

‘a very amusing, often unexpectedly touching account of a trip that explores every facet of family relationships.’

Yorkshire Post, 23rd December 2011

‘The book is part tourist guide, part parental manual  ... humour courses through the 345 heart-warming, and at times moving, pages while he tells the story in a suitably self-deprecating...

The Shropshire Star, 16th December 2011

‘Anyone who voluntarily chooses to travel 8,000 miles in a Vauxhall Astra with two small children is either insane or has a finger hovering over the ‘self-destruct’ button... Any parent...

Dan Rhodes, novelist, in The Scottish Sunday Herald, November 2011

‘hugely entertaining... the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who has ever travelled with small children. Hatch captures the pleasures and pitfalls of the Great British Family holiday... It’s a daft...

The Lancashire Evening Post, 12th May 2012

 ‘You don’t have to be a parent to laugh out loud at the trials and tribulations of Hatch and his wife…’

Families Magazine, May 2012

 ‘A sort of road movie with museums, the author and a missus and two small kids tests [sic] out hotels, attractions and swear words so that you don’t have to…...

The Lancashire Evening Post, 4th July 2012

‘Some books have a personality of their own, a uniqueness that puts them in a class apart. [This book] is a perfect example. A memoir, a travelogue, laugh-out-loud entertainment, a...

Candis, August 2012


Entertainment Weekly (USA) 11th July 2012.

‘Hatch sets out to turn a guidebook into art and accomplishes it with humor and candor… Cramped in a hatchback with his wife and toddlers, he hilariously navigates 8,000 miles'...

Fife Free Press, 23rd August 2012

'... this little treasure... a delightful delve into a family’s life... one minute you will be laughing out loud... and the next (if you’re anything like me) you w3ill have...

Brighton and Hove Independent Newspaper

‘Be warned, though: bring tissues. You may well need them to wipe away the tears of hysteria.’

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